Our priority is to create high-quality products, which are a source of satisfaction for the most demanding customers. Our  experience from 56 years of activity in markets around the world, our knowledge which we have, archive projects and technological flexibility makes easily take on new challenges.   Preparation of the Company's products is done in a factory located in Rzeszów, Reja 9th Street

The company's manufacturing plant employs 40 people with the permission conferred by welding UDT UDT-CERT complying with BS EN 287-1:2007, BS EN 1418:2000 and 97/23/EC,

Production hall has dimensions of 24 000[mm] x 60 000[mm] x 6000[mm] and is equipped with:

• 2 cranes of 8[T] each,
• shot blasting cabin dimensions 10000[mm] x 5000[mm] x 3000[mm]
• plasma cutter  with working dimensions 2200[mm] x 6400[mm] BPS2006 power of 2000VA,
• 3 roller sheet metal bending machine with possibility work up to 16[mm], width 3000[mm] and collapse diameter up 5000[mm]
• 3 roller sheet metal bending machine with possibility work up to 8[mm], 2000[mm] width up and  collapse diameter from Ø250 to Ø2000[mm]
• band saw framework
• hydraulic guillotine with the possibility of cutting sheets up 3000[mm]
• portal for submerged arc welding type ESAB CAGI allows welding diameter from Ø500 to Ø3800[mm]
• automatic weld machine MIG / MAG for diameter from Ø300 [mm] to Ø1200[mm]
• 4 sets. automatic roller tables,
• 2 pcs rotary positioners for welding smaller diameter tanks 1000[mm]
• swivel to cut bottoms up  Ø3500[mm]
• bending machine width 2000[mm] with the possibility of sheet metal up to 4[mm]
• welding machines (Pulse / MIG / MAG / TIG),
• space and equipment to conduct hydrostatic testing,
• equipment  allows bending pipes,
• 2 lathes allowing the processing elements with maximum dimensions Ø600[mm] and length 3000[mm]
• milling machine allows the processing elements with dimensions up to 600[mm] x 400[mm] x 350[mm],
• cranes  of 16[T]
• 2 x forklift 2.5 T] and 5[T].