Product Catalog

Realized manufacturing of typical product for all industrial and public utility based on its own developed designs units devices. Catalogue published in printed form was distributed as product catalogue for industry. Today, in times of commercially available Internet, we present our catalogue in the electronic form.


In the main product catalog you will find the state ranges of equipment developed according to company’s own projects:

• water treatment tanks, hydrophores, filters, water storage tanks

• tubular heat exchangers - mantles, condenser heat exchangers, heat batteries and trays

• hot water tanks

• tanks for compressed air and other gases and it’s mixtures including vacuum tanks,

• sample coolers, gravel, condensate expansion tanks, power stations, degassing, condensate tanks, reservoirs supply

• tanks for fire protection systems

• chemical tanks - salt, ammonia, etc.

• hydraulic  clutch

• glycol and chilled water tanks

• tanks for gas mining

• fuel tanks


Our priority is to create high-quality products, which are a source of satisfaction for the most demanding customers. The huge experience of 56 years of activity in the markets around the world, the gained knowledge, archived projects, give us technological flexibility that allows us easily take a part on new challenges.Each offer is individually tailored to the needs and preferences of recipients. Guarantee the reliability and durability of our products is the systematic monitoring during the production process and ongoing training of our staff. Our products are regularly tested and surrender required destructive and non-destructive testing.





I. Water supply installation, water treatment plants:

1   Vertical hydrophores type A-I KZ-01/12
2 Vertical hydrophores type AI-II KZ-02/11
3 Sodium ion exchangers KZ-03/98
3 Filters hasty vertical closed type I ÷ Ø 400 Ø 800 KZ-04/11
4 Filters hasty vertical closed typetyp II Ø 1000 ÷ Ø 2400  KZ-05/11
5 Filters hasty vertical closed type typ III Ø 2600 ÷ Ø 3400 KZ-06/11
6 Mixers water-air Ø 300 to Ø 800                                KZ-15/11
7 Mixers water-air  Ø 800 ÷ Ø 1600  KZ-16/12


II. Compressed air systems:

1   Compressed air tanks                                             KZ-17/12
2 Fluid separators for pipes Ø 15 to Ø 65  KZ-18/11
3 Fluid separators for pipes Ø 80 to Ø 150                                 KZ-19/12
4 Compressed air tanks Ø 315    KZ-50/02


III. Boiler  rooms:

1 Horizontal supply tanks type I, type II KZ-08/12
2 Type I Thermal deaerators KZ-09/12
3 Type II thermal deaerators KZ-10/11
4 Bowdown and desalination expander KZ-14/11
5 Condensate tanks type A-1


6 Condensate tanks type A-2 KZ-21/12
7 Condensate tanks type B KZ-22/12
8 Gravel Ø 150÷ Ø 400 KZ-27/12
9 Gravel Ø 500÷Ø 700 KZ-28/12
10 Gravel standing Ø 400÷Ø 1000 KZ-29/12
11 Sample coolers KZ-30/12
12 Vertical heat trays Ø 900÷Ø 1800 KZ-32/12
13 Horizontal heat trays Ø 800 ÷ Ø 1800 KZ-33/12
14 One siphon safety devices KZ-34/12
15 Hydraulic clutch KZ-46/12
16 Heat exchanger Ø 900÷Ø 1200 KZ-47/12
17 Stand horizontal tanks Ø 400÷Ø 2600 KZ-48/98
18 Siphons tubes  KZ-49/98
19 Installation for Fire protection hydrophores (sprinkler) KZ-51/12
20 Cold water storage tanks KZ-52/12


Users of our directory we invite to divide us with your observations, about the usefulness of our design solutions  and products.