About Us

Instal Rzeszow was registered July 4, 2002 in the District Court in Rzeszow. The Company uses INSTAL RZESZÓW trademark that is recognizable in the domestic market as well as in Europe, by which has the right to use and label their products with established brand, known and appreciated since 1956 all over the world.

Company's core business is the manufacture of steel technology devices for the storage of solids, liquids and gases both under pressure, vacuum and atmospheric pressure. Made devices are required in the processes and systems of technology in all sectors of the economy, such as chemical, petrochemical (refinery), gasworks, energy, metallurgy, construction, food or medical industry.

The Company participates in the implementation of most investments by providing a wide range of specialized technical equipment. Significant part of the production due to the EU market regulations and the requirements of Polish law, is certified by an independent notified bodies in directives 2009/105/EC, 94/9/EC, 97/23/EC, 2006/42/EC, 89/106/EEC on the EU market and the Polish Office of Technical Inspection, in the case of other statutory requirements for the Polish market.

In addition, Instal-Rzeszow produces advanced steel constructions. The entire production in this area is carried out on individual customer’s order, based on the project or by a draft prepared by the company's engineers following the guidelines and specifications provided by customer.

Used welding methods.

Our plant in accordance with PN-M-69009 has been qualified by the Polish Institute of Welding into 1stGroup of Large Plants Group. It enables us to carry out welding work in the construction, installation and repair of welded steel constructions of class 1, 2 and 3 according to PN-M-69008.

In the manufacturing process of tanks and constructions one of the most important technical operations is process of welding.

We use the following welding methods:

Arc with coated electrodes (111),

Gas shielded arc MIG(131)and TIG (141),

Cored wire arc shielded by active gas (136),

Submerged arc welding(121)using an Swedish equipment ESAB1400A.