Products and Solutions

Company'score businessis the manufacturing ofsteelequipmentfor thestorage ofsolids, liquids and gases both underpressure, vacuum and atmospheric pressure. Madedevices arerequiredin the processesand systemsof technologyin allsectors of the economy, such as chemical,petrochemical(refinery), gas, energy, metallurgy, construction, food or medical industry. The Companyparticipates inthe implementation of manyinvestmentmarketsby providinga wide range ofspecializedtechnical equipment.Company’s production insignificant partdue to theEU marketregulationsand the requirements ofPolish law, is certifiedby an independentnotified bodiesin directives2009/105/EC, 94/9/EC, 97/23/EC,2006/42/EC,89/106/EECon the EU marketand the PolishOffice of Technical Inspection, inthe case of otherstatutory requirementsforthe Polish market.

Company's core business is the manufacture of steel process equipment for the storage of solids, liquids and gases both under pressure, vacuum and atmospheric pressure. Made devices are required in the processes and systems of technology in all sectors of the economy, such as in the chemical, petrochemical (refinery), gasworks, energy and metallurgy, construction, food or medical industry.

The Company participates in the implementation of most investment market by providing a wide range of specialized technical equipment. Significant part production due to the EU market regulations and the requirements of Polish law, is certified by an independent notified bodies in directives 2009/105/EC, 94/9/EC, 97/23/EC, 2006/42/EC, 89/106/EEC on the EU market and the Polish Office of Technical Inspection, in the case of other statutory requirements for the Polish market.

In addition, Instal-Rzeszow produces advanced steel constructions. The entire production in this area is carried out on individual customer’s order, based on the project or by a draft prepared by the company's engineers following the guidelines and specifications provided by customer.

Producedtanksand equipmentmeet the requirementsof the EU directive97/23/ECand Polish Office of Technical Inspection.

In themainproduct catalogyou will findthe stateranges ofequipmentdeveloped according to company’s own projects:

  • water treatmenttanks, hydrophores, filters, waterstorage tanks
  • tubularheat exchangers-mantles, condenserheat exchangers, heat batteriesand trays
  • hot watertanks
  • tanksfor compressed air andother gasesand it’s mixtures including vacuumtanks,
  • samplecoolers, gravel, condensateexpansion tanks, powerstations,degassing, condensatetanks, reservoirs supply
  • tanksforfire protection systems
  • chemicaltanks-salt, ammonia, etc.
  • hydraulicclutch
  • glycol and chilled water tanks
  • tanks for gasmining
  • fuel tanks

Our priority is tocreate high-quality products, which area source of satisfactionfor the mostdemanding customers.The hugeexperience of56 yearsof activityin the marketsaround the world,the gained knowledge,archivedprojects,give ustechnologicalflexibilitythatallows us easilytake a part on newchallenges.

Each offer isindividuallytailored to the needsand preferences ofrecipients. Guaranteethe reliabilityand durabilityof our productsis the systematicmonitoringduringthe production process andongoing trainingof our staff. Our products areregularlytested andsurrenderrequireddestructive andnon-destructivetesting.