The company Instal Rzeszów is the owner of a registered trade mark INSTAL RZESZÓW.  All products are marked with the company's trademark, worked out and valued since1956 around the world.


Company registration data:
KRS: 0000121708
VAT ID: 8133203870
Company ID: 691542728


Bank accounts of the company:
PLN bank account  No.: Deutsche Bank, No. 04 1910 1048 2791 0478 4698 0001

Instal Rzeszow was registered July 4, 2002 in the District Court in Rzeszow. The company was established on the basis of a structured company INSTAL Rzeszow SA. The Company uses INSTAL RZESZÓW trademark that is recognizable in the domestic market as well as in Europe, by which has the right to use and label their products with established brand, known and appreciated since 1956 all over the world.

Company's core business is the manufacture of steel technology devices for the storage of solids, liquids and gases both under pressure, vacuum and atmospheric pressure. Made devices are required in the processes and systems of technology in all sectors of the economy, such as chemical, petrochemical (refinery), gasworks, energy, metallurgy, construction, food or medical industry.