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About us

About us

About us

The history of our company dates back to the post-war years – 1948 and connects with the development and industrialisation of south-eastern Poland. The initial period of the company’s activity was related to the organisation of enterprises in Poland in the 1950s within the structures of the legal entity of the Unification of INSTAL Enterprises and state-owned property. The main task of the newly established enterprise was to carry out installations in built industrial plants and municipal facilities. The production of own products was also developed.

In later years, after economic reforms in Poland, the company became a separate economic entity in the form of a joint-stock company with 100% ownership of the State Treasury.

In 2002, a limited liability company was registered under the name Instal Rzeszów Zakład Zbiorników Sp. z o.o., which in 2010 acquired from the State Treasury part of the organised assets of Instal Rzeszów SA, while changing the name of the new entity to Instal Rzeszów Sp. z o.o. From November 24, 2016, the new entity Zakład Zbiorników Instal Rzeszów Sp. z o.o. together with the acquisition of fixed assets and some employees, resources and intangible rights, it operates under the trademark INSTAL RZESZÓW recognized in Poland and in Europe.

The company’s main activity is the production of steel technological equipment for the storage of powdery substances, liquids and gases in the conditions of overpressure, underpressure and atmospheric pressure. The devices are necessary in technological processes and installations in all areas of the economy, e. g. in the chemical, petrochemical (refinery), gas, energy and metallurgy, food, medical and construction industries. The company participates in the implementation of many investments by supplying a wide range of specialised technological devices to the market. The production of the Company in a significant part, due to the legal regulations of the EU market and the requirements of Polish legislation, is certified by independent bodies notified under Directives 2009/105 / EC, 94/9 / EC, 97/23 / EC, 2006/42 / EC, 89/106 / EEC on the EU market and the Polish bureau of Technical Inspection, in case of other statutory requirements in Polish market regarding the storage of corrosive, poisonous, flammable and explosive liquids.

The company’s products, designed and proven for many years, are covered by the Catalog of Own Products of Instal Rzeszów issued every year since 1975.

All other production is carried out on an individual client’s request, according to its design or according to a project prepared by the Company’s engineers based on the guidelines and specification provided by the Ordering Party.

Our Factory in accordance with the PN-M-69009 standard has been qualified by the Polish Welding Institute to the I grupy Zakładów Dużych (1st group of big establishments). It entitles us to carry out welding works in the scope of execution, assembly and repairs of welded steel structures of classes 1, 2 and 3 in accordance with the PN-M-69008 standard.

In accordance with the powers granted to the Notified Body No. 1433 in the PED Directive, the plant is authorized to independently carry out equipment subject to the pressure directive in module A1.

The company’s production plant also has the admission of the Polish bureau of Technical Inspection to manufacture and repair storage tanks for corrosive, poisonous, flammable and explosive media

In the production of tanks and constructions, one of the most important technological operations is the welding process.

We use the following welding technologies:

► arc coated electrodes (111),

► arc in the gas shield using the MIG (131) MAG (135) and TIG (141) methods,

► arcuate powder wires in the shield of active gases (136),

► submerged arc welding (121) using the Swedish device ESAB 1400A.

In our machine park we have following devices and machines:

Plasma cutter 6000 × 2200 with Hypertherm 400 source
3 sheet roller coilers (with the possibility of rolling sheet metal with a thickness of 16 mm on a length of 3100 mm or thicker on a correspondingly smaller length)
Shot blasting cabin 12x4x4 m
Welding column with a working area of ​​6500 × 4500 and a 1400A source
Semi-automatic band cutter STG 330
Eccentric press PMS160
Lathes, milling machines, drills
MIG / MAG 400/500 welding machines, TIG
Semi-automatic welding for longitudinal welding ESAB
 beveller (UZ15, Trumpf)
Aggregates for hydrodynamic painting (Wagner, Graco)
Sheet metal folding machines (5x2000mm)
GH-4 pipe bender