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Our offer

Our offer

Our offer

Zakład Zbiorników INSTAL Rzeszów is an organisation producing specialised pressure vessels applicable in water treatment plants, heat exchangers, boiler rooms, compressor rooms, LPG and liquid fuels distribution storage tanks. We also produce non-pressure tanks for storing loose materials (silo). we are capable of making steel constructions with a unit weight up to 20,000kg.

One of our production processes is using welding technology methods. The company uses automatic Flux-cored arc welding (ESAB device), automatic and semi-automatic TIG, MIG, MAG gas shielded arc welding (argon, carbon dioxide). We use CNC plasma machine and band saw for cutting steel. Our organisation has the rights granted by UDT (The Bureau of Technical Inspection)  for the pressure vessels production, as well as to assemble, service and repair of water and steam boilers.

We offer a series of devices developed according to its own projects:

  • water treatment tanks, hydrophore systems, filters, water storage tanks;
  • tube and shell exchangers, condenser heat exchangers, accumulators and heat accumulators;
  • hot water tanks;
  • tanks for compressed air and other gases and their mixtures, including vacuum tanker;
  • sample coolers, desludgers, condensate expanders, supply tanks, degassing stations, condensate tanks;
  • Fire-fighting tanks installations;
  • chemical tanks – brine, ammonia, etc.;
  • hydraulic couplings;
  • glycol and ice-cold water tanks;
  • Natural gas tanks used in mining industry;
  • fuel tanks;

In addition, INSTAL Rzeszów offers extra services for all manufactured products; e.g.:

  • shipping,
  • assembly and installation in designated area,
  • Process connections
  • insulation work.

The company also offers services listed below:

  • Plasma cutting – HyPerformacc Plasma HPR 400XD;
  • mechanical cutting;
  • milling and turning;
  • surface treatment by abrasive blasting;
  • plastic sheets fabrication (rolling, bending);
  • welding methods:

– light-coated electrodes arc welding (111),

– Gas shielded arc welding MIG (131) and TIG (141),

– gas shielded with using powdered wires arc welding (136),

– submerged arc welding (121) using the Swedish device from ESAB 1400A.



The specificity of steel processing activities (including the production of tanks) makes the company’s offer mainly addressed to companies implementing large investment projects and to general contractors for construction projects. The production is of individual nature and is carried out for specifically implemented projects and investment tasks – strict according to calculations and individual projects.

The production of the Company in a significant part, due to the legal regulations of the EU market and the requirements of Polish legislation, is certified by independent bodies notified under Directives 2009/105 / EC, 94/9 / EC, 97/23 / EC, 2006/42 / EC, 89/106 / EEC on the EU market and the Polish Bureau of Technical Inspection, in the case of other statutory requirements concerning the Polish market.