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Dobrów, 18.01.2019


We can confirm that Zakład Zbiorników Instal Rzeszów Sp. z. o. o., fulfilled in the years 2017/2018 order to deliver chemical process installation tanks with preparation for installing mixers, steam heating system and design.


  1. Storage Tanks DN3000, V=100[m3], P=0.6[MPa]
  2. Storage Tanks DN2400, V=34[m3], P=0.6[MPa]
  3. Storage Tanks DN3500, V=14[m3], P=0.6[MPa]

Materials categories to create necessary vessels: S355J2W, P265GH, 1.4571



Entire order with value of 3 million Polish Zloty’s (approx 260,000 USD) was prepared on time and with the quality standard promised.

We recommend Zakład Zbiorników Instal Rzeszów Sp. z. o. o. as a Solid and Professional Organistation.